We have started a company blog which might interest you – you can visit it in the right hand side panel of this site, and click to ‘follow a blog’ and receive new posts if you are interested.  The idea is to make our clients more aware of what we get up to, and also to allow them to get to know our staff a bit more because we are proud of what they achieve both in and out of work.

Over time we plan to populate it with a number of distinct categories of content:

  • Working week: a series of very short articles to document where we have been working recently, what we have been doing and what we have seen.
  • Facts & Figures: observations on topical subjects, of interest to us and perhaps also to others.
  • Who we are: a series of short articles submitted by each staff member, providing a bit of an insight into what makes them tick… (in development)
  • Activities: a series of short posts describing some of the impressive, interesting or otherwise peculiar things we all seem to get up to outside work… (in development)