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Strath Caulaidh Ltd was incorporated in 1998 by Douglas Campbell and Graeme Swanson.  Our first forays into the business world were with the Forestry Commission at which point we specialised primarily in deer management services.  After Graeme’s departure for New Zealand, and over the last decade and more, we have grown the business by expanding the range of sectors we work in, as well as the range of services we offer and clients we work for.

Our Origins

Strath Caulaidh

The name Strath Caulaidh (pronounced ‘collie’ by us) was conceived off the back of our enthusiasm for the work of Graeme Caughley, a renowned vertebrate ecologist who worked in New Zealand and Australia.  His work appealed to us because of the concurrent focus on statistical rigour and pragmatic experimental design.  Our approach was to take his guiding principles and apply them in Scotland.

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