SCL has been working in the field of hydrology for a long number of years, with our initial focus being on the hydrology of mires but with a recent expansion into hydropower and conservation of water resources.

Technical Services

The range of technical services we offer includes:

  • Low Flows estimation
  • River gauging and rainfall measurements
  • Hydropower potential assessment
  • Hydraulic modelling
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Ground water assessments
  • Monitoring of loch systems, including sedimentation and erosion studies
  • Reservoir studies
  • Loch and reservoir bathymetry assessments
  • Topographic and river section surveys
  • Private water supply assessments
  • Wetland assessment and restoration
  • CAR license development
  • Conservation and protection of groundwater systems (e.g. groundwater monitoring, climate, water quality assessment)
  • Water framework directive compliance monitoring

Please visit our Projects pages to see examples of how we deliver integrated service packages to clients in this area.

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