SCL has been involved in geomorphological work for a long number of years, with our initial focus being on the blanket bogs but with a recent expansion into the full range of geomorphological assessment and services.

Technical Services

The range of technical services we offer includes:

  • Peat (peat probing, 3D peatland modelling, peat condition assessment, peat stability assessment, peatland management plans, peat waste management)
  • Soil classification & field survey
  • Slope stability and geo-hazards (e.g. mapping, remediation, susceptibility and risk analysis)
  • River-related assessment (e.g. fluvial audits, restoration and engineering design)
  • Drainage schemes (e.g. SuDS, stream crossing assessments) for lowland and upland environments
  • Morphological mapping and (historical) remote sensing analysis
  • Bio-engineering, including assessment of vegetation strength relating to slope stability
  • Terrain sensitivity in montane environments (e.g. recreational impacts, climate change issues, footpath design)
  • Coastal studies (e.g. sediment movement, erosion and management)

Please visit our Projects pages to see examples of how we deliver integrated service packages to clients in this area.

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