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Western Cairngorms deer monitoring

This month saw us active on a very large repeat survey of the woodlands and moorlands of the western Cairngorms for Forestry and Land Scotland.  It’s been fascinating re-sampling at several hundred locations to see how much change has arisen since we last surveyed the area.  There’s been a lot of deer culled in the intervening period, with some positive signs apparent on the ground.  We’ve also repeated the Capercaillie…
June 28, 2019
Weekly News

Caenlochan Section 7 review

We’ve just completed our formal report to SNH and the landowners on the success of two successive Caenlochan Section 7 Agreements designed to bring the Caenlochan SAC back into favourable condition. It’s been a really interesting project involving a multitude of survey work followed by completion of an in-depth review of historic and current data.  We’ve made a raft of recommendations off the back of the review and now await…
June 24, 2019
Working Week

21st Anniversary Party

Strath Caulaidh Ltd celebrated its 21st birthday recently with a wee party on Jura.  Here we are landing at Glengarrisdale, en route to the bothy for a barbecue and some drinks.  Good night had by all...
June 1, 2019
Weekly News

Expansion of native woodlands in Argyll

Working on quite an interesting project over in Argyll just now, where the owner of an estate is considering trying to expand the native woodland and wider suite of upland habitats to increase biodiversity as well as provide more game for sport.  Interested to see where this goes over the next few years.  On the other side of the glen, there are good semi-natural woodlands already present from seashore towards…
May 22, 2019