Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

How many deer are there in Scotland?

We have just completed a report for the Scottish Government estimating how many woodland deer there are in Scotland.  A fascinating process, involving the linking together of a sequence of very complex population models for a range of forests spread across Scotland.   It’s involved developing some natty new techniques, which make best use of the available national data sets FC gathers from their deer larders, along with the deer…
July 4, 2016
Facts & Figures

Quantitative bog condition assessment

Over the past year we have been developing a quantitative condition assessment for blanket bog restoration sites, on behalf of a client. In essence, the system is based on a set of targets which we measure progress against. Each site is tracked from the time that treatment work is undertaken, to see whether its condition is improving over time and also to check it against the target levels set. The…
February 26, 2015
Facts & Figures

Impacts of floating road construction on bog

We are involved in a very interested project to quantify the impact on active blanket bog of wind turbine excavation and floating road construction. The project has been running for several years to gather pre-construction baseline data, and construction of the site has just recently begun. We designed a rig to help us detect whether the deck of the floating road sinks once is it loaded with construction traffic –…
January 23, 2015