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Autumn on Rannoch Moor

By November 6, 2016May 22nd, 2019No Comments


Stunning weekend spent on Eilean Moileach on Loch Ba at Rannoch Moor.  A remnant semi-natural birch woodland covers the island, which we reached by Canadian canoe.

Stags were roaring all day and night, and the Rowans were heavy in fruit.  Found some little Aspen, which was great.  Plenty of deer dung in amongst the ground vegetation, with beasts obviously swimming from the mainland to get at the better grazing (Rannoch Moor generally has fairly slim pickings and is bereft of any decent woodland shelter).


The brownies were still rising, despite the hard night frosts and thick morning mist that was forming.    Got a few tugs but was never quick enough in raising the rod tip. Scotland at its very best…