Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Golden rod (Solidago virgaurea)

We came across some lovely examples of Golden Rod Solidago virgaurea whilst out surveying this summer – the example below was found at the back of Beinn Alligin in Torridon. It is striking when seen in the high mountains because of its notably tall stature, and also due to its lovely bright yellow flowers that really stand out on the otherwise green hillsides! For a bit more information about the…
September 11, 2012
Facts & Figures

Rock Slope Failures on Beinn Alligin

There are believed to be around 600 rock slides across the Scottish Highlands.  The most spectacular occurs on Beinn Alligin, where we were working in July 2012.  A great cleft (Eag Dubh or Black Cleft) cuts into the ridge south of the summit of Sgurr Mhor. This cleft represents the scar left by the collapse of the rock face, the material of which runs out into the corrie of Toll…
July 20, 2012
Facts & Figures


We came across a lonely looking specimen of Globeflower (Trollius europeaus) when out in Glenshee recently, and another when on Buachaille Etive Mor in Glencoe.  It’s such a beautiful and characteristic plant when in flower, and yet you don’t see it very often – the specimens seen were all on ‘out of reach’ ledges where the sheep and deer had not been...  Another interesting species occurring alongside was Roseroot (Sedum…
July 4, 2012