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ECAF – Degraded Habitats – Peatland

By December 20, 2015January 22nd, 2020No Comments

We’ve been beavering away this week trying to get an application completed for the Environment Co-operation Action Fund (ECAF). It’s a really interesting new fund that has been set up by the SG, and one that could be a game changer assuming the funds can be accessed. As always with a new grant, some of the questions posed as part of the application process are quite hard to get a definitive answer to – the staff involved on the SG side really do have a tough job when starting up these new grants, trying to field questions from us at the same time as learning and testing the new system themselves…. Our application is for Degraded Habitats and will involve working with a large number of landowners to deliver ecosystem scale restoration at high altitude – an exciting prospect, if the application is successful…