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Lowland deer impacts / peri-urban deer

By May 6, 2017May 22nd, 2019No Comments


We are putting a bit of time into peri-urban deer at the moment, including exploring the potential for landscape-scale dung counts and also thermal imaging as a compliment.





Also working on a new method to quantify lowland deer impacts by bringing together a wide range of information types such as those relating to deer-vehicle collisions, damage in gardens, damage to arable crops and impacts in lowland woods etc.  Lots of potential for this kind of work – at present we are focusing it in the main Fallow deer ranges. It’s a hot topic given the recent report from the ECCLR .



We all now await the announcement from Roseanna Cunningham on what the future of deer management in Scotland will be, and in turn what SNH’s new leadership style will be – drum roll.