Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Peatland restoration and impacts on water chemistry

A new experimental trial has just been completed on one of our client’s study sites in Lanarkshire. It involves testing the runoff from several areas on which different types of peatland restoration management have been attempted. The various things we are interested in include: nitrogen loads, potassium loads, phosphorous loads, Dissolved Organic Carbon, Particulate Organic Carbon and water colour. The project is exciting because it is the first time that…
December 15, 2014
Facts & Figures

Interactions between Capercaillie and woodland deer

As part of a major deer abundance survey in northern Scotland, we have been asked to assess Capercaillie distribution. The work involves counting Capercaillie droppings on the same plots we are using the measure deer dung accumulation rates. We are now almost finished the first phase of the work, and have been surprised by the number of Capercaillie we have seen active in the forest. One almost flew into the…
October 3, 2014
Facts & Figures

Displacement culls of deer

Deer management on windfarm sites is increasingly becoming an issue. We were recently asked by a client to help estimate deer abundance in a woodland in south Scotland in advance of being deforested for turbine construction. We then helped the client prepare a Deer Management Statement which was based on a model to calculate the size of displacement deer cull required. Such culls are needed to minimise adverse impacts arising…
September 16, 2014