Working Week

Working Week

Stoat trapping trial

  This month we have been setting up an experiment for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) to ascertain the most effective design of trap to use to eradicate stoats from the Orkneys.  Very heavy loads and challenging overhead conditions during the layout phase.
December 21, 2017
Working Week

Glen Creran

  We’ve been working in Glen Creran recently, reviewing grazing management for the estate.  It’s a lovely place, with a wonderful range of habitats from sea-level to summit including this superb example of native woodland on the side of An Grianan.
November 15, 2017
Working Week

Monitoring high altitude peat restoration

We re-visited our bare peat restoration trial at the end of September, and were really surprised to see how well the vegetation is now colonising.  Lots of germinated grass, along with a high cover of small mosses. For the first time, we have chosen to leave our large Gerlach Troughs out over winter to see if we catch more sediment – we gathered them in last autumn under the assumption…
October 3, 2016